sustainability is a way of thinking, not an event


First, our primary focus is to help the chauffeured ground transportation industry eliminate the “green” learning curve, achieve more environmentally sensitive fleets and operations, and, turn their investment in green into accelerated growth, improved revenue, better profits and long-standing competitive advantage.

Second, we believe sustainability is a way of thinking, not an event.  Carbon footprints are a dime a dozen. We are experts in helping our clients manage change and integrate innovation in their organizations and the services they deliver. “Sustainability” is how our industry will operate in a marketplace that has been redefined. The “new normal” customer will demand a strategic shift in how we think and manage.

Third, our approach is very straightforward because we listen. You’ll tell us about your company, your mission, vision and customers. We’ll talk about your company’s culture, how you lead, manage and communicate. We’ll ask you if you are "true believer" in sustainability, or just "testing the waters." We will learn how risk-averse or risk-tolerant you are. And, we’ll talk to your staff and customers to see how your organization adapts to, and manages, change and development. We’ll listen to your answers because these questions will help define the parameters of how we tailor our work to your business.

Fourth, we know that theories don’t pay the bills.  We work with clients whose resources are as limited as the viable options for reducing the impact of their fleets. So, we work quickly to prioritize strategies, tactics and actions to give you the biggest bang for your buck as quickly as possible. We introduce proven strategies and tactics designed to pay for themselves immediately or have a fast payback.

Finally, we focus on maximizing your investment.  We never overstay our welcome.  We declare “mission accomplished” when sustainability programs, processes and controls have been established, tested, communicated and embraced by your employees and customers. We’ll have given you the tools to self-assess, test progress and modify processes as your program evolves.

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