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Sustainable Meeting

Meetings, conferences, conventions and other events are sources of significant greenhouse gas emissions. Electricity, heating and air conditioning, ground transportation, air travel, paper and other materials are just some of the ways that our clients' events are contributing to climate change.

Today, many meeting planners and program organizers are recognizing that their events do not have to have a huge climate impact and, in fact, can play a positive role by becoming carbon neutral.

The PlaniT Green program allows event organizers to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from meeting activities, travel and accommodations where possible, and to offset any emissions that cannot be reduced through other means. Creating a carbon neutral event involves three steps:

  • Apply a "green meeting" strategy to minimize the meeting's overall environmental impacts.
  • Estimate event emissions based the meeting functions required as well as participants' travel and accommodation.
  • Offset remaining emissions by purchasing verified carbon offsets.

PlaniT Green Meeting highlights organizational leadership in greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction and offsetting. They also help to educate, influence and engage your audiences. The process of hosting a PlaniT Green Meeting or event can help organizations understand more about their operational GHG emissions, and how to deal with them.

PlaniT Green Meeting provides our members, meeting planners, program organizers and guests the tools necessary to create a carbon neutral event. Using our Event Carbon Calculator, you can determine the amount of carbon dioxide your meetings and conferences are creating. It will then calculate the dollar amount needed to offset your emissions. Your offset dollars will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions through verified carbon offsets provided via our partnership with LEAP and

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