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Offset Your Event

Carbon offsets allow you take action on global warming now. Offsetting your carbon footprint will support greenhouse gas reduction projects and hasten the transition to a clean energy future.

PlaniT Green Meeting provides an opt-in program that enables you to 'green' your events and make a positive difference for the environment with every program. First, we use a series of calculations to determine the amount of CO2 that your meeting, workshop, or conference emits, then we offset that CO2 by contributing to emission reduction programs through the Environment Resources Trust, Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) and other verifiable, certified providers.

Through stringent oversight and auditing, these projects accumulate exchangeable carbon credits, based on the amount of GHG's they reduce or prevent. These credits are then sold as carbon credits that represent the amount of CO2 that was removed, or prevented from entering into the atmosphere.

LEAP provides you with the tools to calculate and offset the CO2 that an event produces. You can monitor those offsets with PlaniT Green Meeting certificates that are issued with every offset purchase.

For every ton of CO2 your events produce, another ton is taken away or prevented - permanently and transparently. That's the PlaniT Green Meeting promise!

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