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Environmental Program Management

Environmental Management Systems (EMS),provide a framework to achieve environmental policy goals. It uses a systematic process to identify and prioritize your environmental impacts, and incorporate environmental considerations into daily operations.

An EMS should involve everyone in your company to:

  • Improve environmental performance and manage programs more effectively
  • Incorporate environmental accountability into daily activities
  • Minimize negative environmental impacts
  • Raise employee environmental awareness
  • Reduce environmental liabilities
  • Use natural resources more efficiently and lower operational costs
  • Integrate environmental objectives for early recognition of potential environmental risks and costs to
    • Reduce delays
    • Increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve senior management’s awareness of your company’s high-priority environmental impacts

A company’s EMS should involve all employees and affiliates to aid in developing, planning, communicating, and acting on environmental information to minimize risk and negative environmental impacts. The result is an environmentally aware and responsible company, better environmental management, informed decision making, and continual improvement of performance and efficiency.

Why Implement an Environmental Management System?

An EMS encourages environmental accountability and ownership of actions and related impacts to influence your r entire organization to be more aware, motivated, and enthusiastic about your environmental responsibilities.

From conserving energy, water, and paper to properly handling oil and other engine fluids, everyone has a role in protecting our environment and sustaining your company’s vision.

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